Society Resources

Society Resources

Presidents! Social Secretaries!

If you are on the committee of your society, then as an elected representative you abide by specific policies and ensure that your team members are as well. 

These are:

You should familiarise yourself with these and make sure they are followed throughout your year in office. They can be found on our Policy Store here

Need to book a Union Minibus?  Click here.

Rasing money and need a charity bucket?  Click here.

As a student you are also subject to all University procedures.

Thinking about money?  Take a look at the Sponsorship templates to guide you sourcing additional funds for your society, or read about how Christ Church Students' Union funds societies. 

How to Book an Event as a Society:

If you would like to put on an event as a Society, either within the Students' Union or University premises then please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the events booking form on the CCSU website to book The Lounge or Cafe 41: or email to request a University room

  2. The Society will then be invited in to speak with the Union regarding the proposed event.

  3. Any events put on must be for the benefit of Society members.

  4. The Financing of the event will be discussed. All funding must go through the Society’s Union bank account and any event ticketing must be done through the Union website.

  5. If you require additional funding for your event you can apply for funding through the Society Development Fund.

  6. We can then help you to draft an event-planning timeline.

  7. If you would like to discuss anything prior to making an application, feel free to contact our Opportunities Manager, Adam on


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