About Us

Welcome to the CCCU Dungeons and Dragons Society!  Whether you want to start your own game, or join an existing one, we have a campaign for you.  We are a group of people passionate about D&D, who run fun and engaging games for experienced players and newbies alike.

We have experienced and friendly players who are happy to help guide you through the first steps. If you've always wanted to play D&D, but have never had the chance, come along and see how easy and entertaining it is yourself.  

We are currently running 5th edition D&D as well as smaller rpgs, but are open for other members to run their own games or editions.  

Our upcoming events are:

Wednesday 20th September; Freshers Fayre inside the CCCU Sports Center, 10am - 11am Quiet hour, 11am - 4pm general opening. We will be holding a free raffle  dice games and have lots of sweets so come find us!

Sunday 24th September - Welcome Event & Meet the Committee, Newton NG03, 1pm- 4pm. Drop in to say hello, let us know what kind of games you want to run or play in and roll up some characters with us!



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