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Sports Resources

If you are on the committee of your sports club, then as an elected representative you abide by specific policies and ensure that your team members are as well. 

You should familiarise yourself with these and make sure they are followed throughout your year in office.  They can be found on our Policy Store here

Thinking about money?  Ask us for the Sponsorship templates to guide you sourcing additional funds for your club, or read about how Christ Church Students' Union and Christ Church Sport fund competitive sport. 

Need to book a Minibus?  Click here.

Rasing money and need a charity bucket?  Click here.

As a student you are also subject to all University procedures.


Guidance on Student Group Events

As you may know the law changed on 14th September, making gatherings of over 6 people illegal except in very specific circumstances.  As such, this guidance aims to inform CCSU clubs and societies about their obligations to protect their members and the wider community, and how to put on events in a way that is safe and legal.

All club and society committee members must familiarise themselves with the Union’s Student Group Events Policy (COVID-19).  In summary:

  • Student groups are strongly encouraged to take a ‘virtual first’ approach to events. 

  • No purely social activity involving more than 6 people is permitted to be held physically, in accordance with the law.  

  • Events that have an educational or charitable purpose may be permitted, but groups are required to submit a risk assessment demonstrating that social distancing requirements are in place.

  • Approved venues for student group events meeting the above criteria are listed below, under "society meetings and events".  Groups planning events of over 6 people in other venues will be additionally required to submit the venue’s own risk assessment.

  • No student group event may go ahead unless formal written approval has been given by the Students’ Union, following completion of the above process.

  • Sanctions for holding unauthorised and potentially illegal events could result in groups being disbanded, your academic progress may be affected and you could face fines or police action.



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