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Sexual Health Awareness Week


Did you know that from 11th-18th of September was the Sexual Health and Awareness Guidance Week? We hope you enjoyed Freshers’ week and this is Jordan’s ‘SHAG Week’ article to make sure you’re clued up on the ins and outs of sexual health!

Here’s 7 facts about sex and contraceptives everyone should know about!

1 - Sex can cause a rash on your skin.

Yes... REALLY!

It’s called sex flush and can cause a rash on your chest, thighs and cheeks.  


2 - Contraception is really effective!

In the UK, Only 1 in 1,000 acts of heterosexual intercourse results in a pregnancy. This is mainly due to contraception such as condoms and the implant.


3 - Nearly a QUARTER of first year students will catch an STD!

Yep, that’s right, 23% of fresher’s will catch an STD! Make sure you sign up to ‘Get It!’. You can then pick up your free condoms from the Students’ Union, and make sure it’s not you!


4 - The German for “contraceptive” is Schwangerschaftsverhütungsmittel

Quite a mouthful and could be too late by the time you learn how to say it!


5 -  At the 2012 London Olympics, athletes were provided with 150,000 condoms.

It gets worse when you think the event only lasted 17 days!

That was approximately 15 EACH!

6 - Although contraception methods such as the pill and the implant are effective, the condom is the only contraceptive that stops STI’s.

So make sure you use one even if you’re using other contraceptives.

7 - The Students’ Union offers FREE condoms!


The Students’ Union has signed up to ‘Get It!’ for the upcoming academic year, this means that condoms are available from the Union building at St George’s at no cost to you, just make sure you pop in and complete an application form at reception, or sign up at to get them sent directly to you.

It’s a no brainer!

The Union and University also offers a sexual health drop in clinic on campus in LG03,  Mondays 9-12 and every other Wednesday 9-12. Other than that, there is also a drop in service at Canterbury Hospital for under 24s!


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