10 Reasons...

to be a full-time Sabbatical Officer

Here's are some reasons why you should nominate yourself for a full-time Sabbatical position at Christ Church Students' Union.

1. There’s nothing like hearing your name at the Results Party.

Elections is hard work! No doubt about that but it’s amazing when you get elected!

2. You get to be a President!

Okay, maybe not an Obama President levels, but it's pretty good! Check out the roles here.

3. You get paid to stay at Uni!

Maybe not Scrooge McDuck levels but you will earn a salary of around £18,500.

4. You get your own desk!

Somewhere to call your own when you're not out and about meeting students.

5. Learn new skills

Learn a very particular set of skills! You may not be able to take down a criminal gang but your sure know how to effectively represent the students!

6. Biscuits!!

Whether it’s in the SU office or at meetings with top bods, you won’t be short of biscuits, cookies, and cakes!

7. Make great friends

It’s a great opportunity to meet so many new people who you would have never run into before.

8. End of year ball!

What a great way to end the year! You get another Summer Ball and you get a free ticket!

9. Make real changes

You’ll be representing thousands of students, so why not make a real difference…

10. Early morning meetings

It’s not all positive though… This is a real job and someone will organise meetings at 9am! Your hard work can make real changes though so it’s all worth it.

Want to know more? Check out the rest of the ccsu.co.uk/elections website.