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Full-Time Officers Elections 2021

Sabbatical Officer elections for the democratic body of Christ Church Students' Union.

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Union President

The Union President is focused on the academic experience, as the main purpose for students here at Christ Church.

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President (Engagement and Sports)

The President (Engagement and Sports) is focused on student engagement with the Students’ Union, as well as Sports and physical extracurricular activity as part of the student experience.

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President (Campaigns and Societies)

The President (Campaigns and Societies) is focused on coordinating the Union’s campaigns, supporting student-led campaigns and ensuring the creation and sustainability of student groups and students’ skills development.

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President (Community, Diversity and Inclusion)

The President (Community, Diversity & Inclusion) is focused on promoting inclusion for all students, championing diversity, ensuring students’ wellbeing and supporting the advancement of students as citizens in society.

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