10 Steps to Chuck Less
Give up binning food for good
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In January 2018 we had 282 students complete our sustainability survey and the results showed that the most realistic impact change students felt they could make in their own lives was to ‘Reduce Waste’. With that in mind Nick Beard, President (Student Activities), created a set of basic Food Waste Top Tips that students can incorporate into their daily routines in order to save money and at the same time, reduce their negative impact on the planet.

We hope that applying these simple behaviour changes will empower you to give up binning food for good! More than half of the food we throw away can be eaten. Saving food saves money and helps the environment.

Reducing food waste is said to be the third most effective solution to fighting climate change. If we all make a few small changes and start using up the food we buy, together we can make a big difference. Keeping edible food out of the bin is good for our pockets and the planet combined!






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