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Making new friends and meeting new people is one of the best things about coming to University and joining a society is a great way to get to this. There is a society for almost any subject you can think of and if there isn’t then it’s really easy to set your own one up!

What is a society?

Societies bring like-minded people together and are run and shaped by students at CCCU. Continue your love with something you’re already involved in, try something completely new, or you could even set up your own unique society.

How do I join up?

To find out more about the societies available head along to the Freshers Fayre at your campus and you’ll be able to chat to societies, SU reps, and more! There’s no rush to join up before the term has started but keep an eye out when you arrive and remember that you can join a society any time of the year, so if you miss out then don’t panic.

List of Societies

Here are all our societies and please note that some are campus specific so to find out what is at your campus click the filter If there is nothing that you fancy then why not start your own?

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