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Results: Sports and Society by-elections - Oct 19

These are the results following on from the October by-elections for our societies and sports clubs.

These elections are the process by which a group of students are fairly appointed as leaders of their sports club or society with only curent members able to run for vote.

Arts, Crafts & Media Society - Inclusion Officer Lina Leighfield
Arts, Crafts & Media Society - Vice-President Lina Leighfield
Basketball (Womens) - Treasurer Gemma Gfeller
Boxing - Captain (Male) Liam Duffy
Christ Church Student Minds - Social Secretary Hannah Smith
Christ Church Student Minds - Treasurer Benjamin Reeves
Christ Church Student Minds - Vice-President Samuel Obbard
Conservative Society - Inclusion Officer Sarah Dickinson
Conservative Society - President Callum Warriner
Conservative Society - Social Secretary Charles George
Conservative Society - Treasurer Eamon David O'Reilly
Drama Society - Vice-President Clarisse Buydens
Eco Students Society - Inclusion Officer Tom Athene
Eco Students Society - President Ben Staines
Eco Students Society - Social Secretary Ryan O'Leary
Eco Students Society - Treasurer Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Esports Society - Inclusion Officer Lewis Parsons
Esports Society - Media Officer Oliver Martin
Esports Society - Social Secretary Jack Ottaway
Film Society - Inclusion Officer Harry Munday
Film Society - Vice-President Daniel Johnson
Football (Womens) - Vice-President Sally Pike
LGBTQ+ Society (Canterbury) - President Dana Wacey Byrne
LGBTQ+ Society (Canterbury) - Vice-President Amelia-Lucy Gregory
Liberal Democrat Society - Inclusion Officer Miss Lucy Dunn
Liberal Democrat Society - Social Secretary Roben Franklin
Liberal Democrat Society - Treasurer James Murphy
Liberal Democrat Society - Vice-President Adam Parsons
Mature Students Society - President Adam Parsons
Medieval Combat Society - Inclusion Officer Jakub Legowik
Medieval Combat Society - Social Secretary Sam De La Haye
Medieval Combat Society - Treasurer Dean Gower
Medieval Combat Society - Vice-President Ieuan Chandler-Wilson
Music Society - Social Secretary Jess Pickett
Music Society - Treasurer Brienny Allard
Palestine Solidarity Society - Social Secretary Emily Bagnall-Locke
Pool & Snooker Society - Social Secretary Alex Griffith Crowe
Pool & Snooker Society - Vice-President Daniel Blackwell
Rugby (Mens) - Vice-Captain 2's Max Elvin
Rugby (Womens) - Treasurer Devon Hughes
Self Defence & Wellbeing Society - Social Secretary Colby Marriage
Self Defence & Wellbeing Society - Treasurer Benjamin Reeves
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