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    Education Enhancement

      Im really interested in starting a new Society. I am studying Primary Education and would love to meet others who has an interest in education like me. It could be for anyone including those not doing an education course. We could have sessions to learn about different volunteering opportunities as well as learning new skills. For example, I worked in a primary school and I found learning about autism very interesting and would love to learn more. We could have film nights or quiz nights.
    Charlie John
    10:44am on 10 Sep 20 I love this idea! I’d be happy to join!
    Maria Giberson
    11:15am on 10 Sep 20 I’d love this too if it was accessible to PGCE students too
    Valeria Athali Armstrong
    12:12pm on 10 Sep 20 Yes love this too!
    Hannah McDonald
    2:08pm on 10 Sep 20 Absolutely love this idea! I would love to join x
    Nina;Nina Dunne
    11:36am on 19 Oct 20 I joined this society. Thanks for setting it up, everyone. Do you know when I'm likely to hear more about meetings..?

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