Candidate for the position of President (Campaigns and Societies)

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Beth Elwood


Hello, I’m Beth and I’m your current President (Development) 2020/21, and I am running to be re-elected as your President (Campaigns and Societies) 2021/22. I have loved the past year as a sabbatical officer, which has been such a valuable and rewarding experience. The unexpected circumstances have made it a tough year for students, and I have worked hard to provide the best experience.

This year has been focused on laying the foundations for a stronger future. Next year I hope to continue building on these foundations and seeing our student community continue to thrive. I have run campaigns throughout the year, which I have loved co-ordinating and hope to continue to run more next year on both a local and national level.


So, what have I achieved as your President (Development)?

Reshaped the support for societies

  • Introduction of 1-1 meetings

Ensured societies feel supported and valued from the beginning of the year all the way through

  • Continuation of society takeovers

Solidified a sense of community, both physically and virtually

  • Strengthened the support available for committees

Introduced dedicated pages for the Presidents and Wellbeing officers. Holding president’s meetings, and successfully worked to reduce response time from the union when societies need advice.

  • Promoted cohesion between the societies and sports community

Worked with the President (Sports and Engagement) we have held joint training, events and promoted support between the communities

Lead and supported on a number of campaigns

  • Period Awareness Week
    - Sanitary bins in male toilets across campus
    - Free sanitary products at receptions in Canterbury and Medway
    - Sanitary products delivered to doors to combat period poverty
  • Day of People with Disabilities
    - Awareness and campaign videos focusing on hidden disabilities
  • Trans Awareness Campaign
    -Training for our committee members about trans and non-binary people
    -Education around gender with ongoing pledges of support for our LGBT+ community
  • Time to Talk Day
    Encouraging students to reach out and talk about mental health

Upcoming campaigns include: Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse


  • Weekly breakfast clubs at Medway

This was a great opportunity to get to meet our healthcare students, and really understand how their needs differ from our Canterbury students

  • SU’s healthcare network

After meeting with other unions, we formed a healthcare network so we can work collaboratively with unions from around the country to best support our healthcare students

What will I do next year if re-elected?


  • I will listen to the concerns of students, and co-ordinate campaigns on both a local and national level to reflect these concerns, with a focus on wellbeing campaigns
  • Re-running and expanding the Period Awareness Week campaign
  • Continue to work closely with the LGBT+ community and run another Trans Awareness Campaign
  • Continue to work on the networks that have been formed this year and introduce new ones, including Student Parents and Carers, Care Leavers and Estranged Students, Disabled Students Network
  • Work with the President (Engagement and Sports) to lobby the university for more funding and resources into student engagement and opportunities, including sports provision and wellbeing provision
  • Encourage more student-led campaigns, supporting and enabling students to have their voices heard


  • Continue the 1-1s with societies before the start of the semester, ensuring they have all the resources and tools they need to be as successful as possible
  • Continue society takeovers!
  • Work with the President (Engagement and Sports) to continue to promote societies and teams working together, including joint events and fundraising
  • Make teams and societies more accessible to all, working to subsidise memberships for students that require financial support
  • Introduce more comprehesive training, including unconscious bias, disability inclusion and trans and non-binary awareness


  • Once physically able, work in Medway one day a week to ensure a sabbatical presence at the Medway campus
  • Work with the other sabbaticals to ensure Medway students feel valued as part of the Christ Church Community
  • Fight for better wellbeing provision at the Medway campus, and to get a specialised wellbeing expert onto the campus for our healthcare students
  • Work to improve the overall experience of being a student at Medway, including growth of student spaces, partnerships in the local community and access to opportunities


  • Hold a bigger and better freshers fayre, if restrictions allow. If this is not possible due to restrictions, I want to ensure that more preparation is undertaken and there is a better freshers experience for the students who are starting at Canterbury as well as returning students
  • Continue to work closely with the volunteering and careers university teams, promoting their workshops and events and helping students find out about opportunities


Throughout the year I have worked at full capacity to ensure each student feels represented and valued. It has been an invaluable experience that I am passionate about, and for that reason I am running for an additional year as your president.

If you vote for me as your President (Campaigns and Societies), I will continue to further develop the achievements made in the past year and strive to offer you the opportunities that you deserve.

Thank you for your support, and please contact me with any questions you have!

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