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Society Takeover
27th October 7pm - 9pm
Lounge Bar and Kitchen
We have relaunched our Society Takeovers! It is a chance for our societies and other student groups to meet together (safely!) in order to build our Society Community and have a place where all are welcome. Society Takeovers take place weekly and a d
The Lounge | Canterbury | Evening | In-Person
Stress and Anxiety Virtual Peer Support Session (CCCU STUDENTS)
28th October 1pm - 2pm
Are you feeling stressed and anxious? We are very aware that starting or returning to university is going to raise some anxiety for you and having an opportunity to link in with other students early on could be beneficial.
Student Allyship Workshops (CCCU STUDENTS)
30th October 3pm - 4pm
Become part of a long-lasting transformative change. In recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement, the #IMATTER and Allyship campaign serves to shine a light on racial disparities in higher education, build a supportive university community.
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