Reamped - Open Mic Social (The Live Lounge Sessions)
17th November 8pm - 26th January 10pm
Live music with The Live Lounge Sessions.
The Live Lounge Sessions | The Circus Birds, Flame Pilots & No TV
24th November 8pm - 2nd February 10pm
Live music with The Live Lounge Sessions.
Next To Mountains | We Found The Wrecks | The Clouds in The Live Lounge Sessions
1st December 8pm - 9th February 10pm
Live music with The Live Lounge Sessions.
Society Takeover - 7 December 2023 - K-POP
7th December 7pm - 10pm
The Lounge, St' Georges Centre, Canterbury
Society Takeover the Lounge! A night where societies make the Lounge their own! Themed nights set by the hosts which are different each week!
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