Mission, Vision, and Values
This is what we're about

Our Mission

To better student life and enrich student experiences.

Our Vision

To empower, encourage and embrace every student.

Our Ambition

Is to play a central role in the lives of students and will do this through facilitating activities which are student-led; both to improve student experiences as well as ensure graduates are highly employable and equipped for future success.

Our Values

Student-led & Democratic

We are run by students, for students, and believe in the power of democratic and student-led decision making.


We value the diversity of our student body and the communities we live in.  This, together with a commitment to equality of opportunity and actively removing barriers to participation ensures we have an accessible, inclusive and cohesive culture.

Dependable & professional

We pride ourselves on being a Union that students and our stakeholders can trust and rely upon, and being an organisation that staff and volunteers want to be a part of.


The foundation of us as a union is to be there for our Members; to provide outstanding student opportunities and to encourage and embrace every student.


We have a belief in collectivism and recognise we do not stand alone in our communities.  To achieve the best outcomes for our Members we will work with others to achieve our mission and make a bigger impact.


We are respectful of our Members, partners, stakeholders and our team.  We welcome and respect diverse views and recognise their importance in creating a healthy and vibrant student community.


Student experiences should be safe, fun and enjoyable and we will engage with our Members on this basis and reflect this in all we do. 

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