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The Student Loans Company will fund you for the length of your course, plus one year, minus any years previously funded in higher education. This works backwards from your final year.

So if you want to do a 3 year course but have already had 2 year's funding; they will only fund you for the 3rd and 2nd year of your course.

If you want to do a 3 year course but have already had a year's funding; then they will fund you for years' 3, 2 and 1, but that’s it. If you repeat a year you fund it yourself.

Therefore most undergraduates on 3 year courses will be funded for the whole course plus an extra year if you need to repeat a year for any reason. However if you are granted a further repeat of a year you would need to fund that yourself.

Your payment schedule: You should receive a letter from the Student Loans Company giving details of when you will be paid, and when your tuition fee loan will go to the university. The dates on this letter will be more accurate than general payment dates, but they will still only apply if you remember to register when you arrive at university. You can see a copy of your payment schedule letter by logging in to your student finance account. Your payment schedule should arrive not long after you submit your application. If the start of term is getting near and you haven't received it, contact the Student Loans Company.

If you are worried about money you can gain advice from the Student Support, Health and Wellbeing team by contacting:


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Save The Student have developed a tool to help highlight the gap between the full loan to which a student is entitled and the amount you actually get based on your parents income - it is available for free at

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If you are having trouble paying your University Debt, either for Accommodation or Tuition, contact

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