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The SU are currently receiving enquiries from students asking what their legal obligations are in relation to their accommodation. These questions have mainly been based around refund of rent, and whether contracts can be terminated. Please visit the Housing advice for Private-rented Accommodation for more information.


Are you confused about Tenancies, Deposits and Admin fees? Would you like to know more about what to look for on a viewing or how to deal with your landlord?

Then check out our useful guide to Finding the Right Accommodation

What to Look for on a House Viewing

Tips for sorting out Bills

If you are currently in University Housing and have a concern then contact: University Accommodation Office

If you are facing issues with your University Housing and would like some independent advice then contact us on:


Housing Benefit and Students

Check out other useful information


Finding Private Accommodation

Landlord/Tenancy Issues

If you are having trouble with your landlord/tenancy agreement try contacting the Mediation Clinic   

Dealing With Housemates

If you are having trouble with your housemates try contacting the Mediation Clinic


Canterbury City Council Recycling

TV Licensing

Advice on Bills

“As a Students’ Union Advice Centre we offer advice in good faith, based on knowledge, experience and the best information available to us. Students who seek our help must take responsibility for their own decisions based on the advice we give.”

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