Housing Myths

Christ Church Students’ Union in association with Homestamp are also hoping to dispel some of the myths that exist around renting in Canterbury and encourage students to WAIT TO RENT

Myth: There are not enough properties in Canterbury to house all the students.

Fact: There is a good surplus of housing in Canterbury that can more than cater for the needs of the many different students.

Did you know…. The total number of Student Bedrooms in the Canterbury City Council region is 15,600 and there are 4,290 students at UKC and 4,695 students at CCCU renting in Canterbury so that’s a Total of 8,985 students. That’s almost twice as many rooms as there are students, so PLENTY TO GO AROUND!


Myth: If I don’t get a property quick, I’ll end up living ages away from campus.

Fact: There are loads of properties near the University that do not all get snapped up immediately – we find there are properties within 5 or 10 minutes’ walk to campus still available right up until September!


Myth: The majority of people get their houses for next year before Christmas.

Fact: Recent surveys have shown that most students were signing their accommodation agreements during January, February and March. Our own research in August of this year showed that there were still well over 375 properties still available to rent for the next month when term started!


Myth: All the affordable houses will be gone first and landlords put their rent up after Christmas.

Fact: If anything is true then it’s actually the exact opposite of this! The more expensive properties tend to go first (and remember this doesn’t necessarily mean better) and landlords certainly won’t push their prices up as the year goes on. Our own research in August of this year showed that they were reducing the prices as term went on.


Myth: If I don’t get a house before Christmas, all the good ones will be gone.

Fact: There are lots of good properties in Canterbury – we are one of the best cities in the country for high standards of student housing. Homestamp ensures that there are many good quality student houses available all throughout the year.


The top reasons to wait until January

  • Give yourself time to:

    • gain all the right skills and knowledge you need to go out and rent.

    • find out who are the recommended landlords and other useful organisations and arrange viewings without rushing.

    • Make sure you are happy to live with the people you have chosen
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