Knowing Your Rights

Things all students should know when renting privately:

  • All students should have a written licence or an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (this may be an online version)
  • All adverts must be correct and contract terms must be honest and reasonable, or the landlord is subject to consumer law
  • You have to keep the terms of the agreement but the landlord cannot make you leave or move, unless they get a court order from County Court
  • The landlord has certain repair duties including timescales
  • All providers of larger student developments such as those at Parham student village and Palamon Court, should be signed up to an Accommodation Code This is to commit themselves to maintaining a minimum set of standards for their accommodation and their accommodation management; including repairs, staff and access.
  • The agent, company or landlord should have a formal complaints process
  • Remember to complete your inventory when you move in, noting any issues, and clean up during the year, and when you leave to prevent any recharges.
  • Always communicate with your landlord or agent via email and keep a folder of all emails for evidence
  • REMEMBER: There is lots of accommodation in Canterbury all year round. Wait until at least January before you start looking at rooms and agreeing your new flatmates. If you sign a contract too early you usually can’t get out of it. That is a lot of money to loose!!!!!!
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