Union Council

Students’ Unions are amongst the most democratic membership organisations in the UK. Every one of them has its own structure for debating ideas and campaigns and making decisions. They’re run by students who are elected by students – and everyone can have their say.

Here at Christ Church SU, our highest democratic decision-making body is called Union Council.

The Council meets several times a year and discusses issues affecting students: your life, your university life or your union. It can pass policy, which requires the Union to work on specific things, or can be a forum for students to raise issues for the Union to take forwards in other ways.

The council also runs campaigns to change things for the better of the student experience and the community, and about issues which matter to you. 

Union Council Officers

The Union Council is made up of 12 students elected from the whole student body, and 12 students nominated from existing democratic communities, who represent the diversity of students we have across the university. Thier role descriptions and the current student holding the post are listed below:

Union Council Chair VACANT
BAME Students' Officer Eshwar Raj Jayaram
Black Students' Officer Mo Obadare
Disabled Students' Officer Kenzie May Annell
Environmental Officer Ben Staines
Faculty Representative (Arts, Humanities & Education) Laurie Clothier
Faculty Representative (Medicine, Health & Social Care) Carol Namata
Faculty Representative (Science, Engineering & Social Sciences) Lewis Warner
International Students' Officer (EU) Omobolanle Okubena
International Students' Officer (Overseas) VACANT
LGBT+ Officer Andy Pearce
LGBT+ Officer (Women's Place) Marianne Bartlett-Smith
Mature Students' Officer Adam Parsons
Medway Students' Officer Ben D'Montigny
Part-time Students' Officer VACANT
Postgraduate Research Students' Officer Erin McCloskey
Postgraduate Taught Students' Officer Natalie Moore
Societies Representative Frankie McGregor
Sports Representative Bex Broadley
Student Parents' and Carers' Officer Chloe Kennard
Trans/Non-Binary Students' Officer Ronan Wacey
Tunbridge Wells Students' Officer VACANT
Wellbeing Representative TBC
Women's Officer Nichola Allen

How decisions are made

Any student can submit an idea for discussion at Union Council - if you have something that you would like to be discussed, you can submit it through the Union Council Padlet. Union Council Officers can view and comment on your ideas in advance, and the agenda for each Union Council meeting will be drawn from this two days in advance.

Some ideas may be acted on quite quickly, and the Union will report back on progress at the meeting. Some ideas will be further developed at the meeting, and some may be developed into a proposal for Officers to vote on. If a proposal becomes a policy then the Union takes that as a statement of belief of the organisation on the particular issue. These policies, then placed, can then instruct officers to carry out tasks, such as running campaigns on a particular issue.

Once a policy is made, it normally lasts for three years, and within that time the Union Council reviews them.

You can view current policies and motions and updates on them through the Union Council Padlet

Who is responsible for ensuring policies are followed within the Union?

When a policy has been approved, the Union Council mandates and oversees the work on the policy; however the party that is responsible is the elected officer(s) that has been selected to ensure the policy is worked on.

Union Council Meeting Dates for 2020/21

Agendas and minutes from previous years



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