Union Council

Union Council

Students’ Unions are one of the most democratic membership organisations in the UK. Every one of them has its own structure for debating ideas and campaigns and making decisions. They’re run by students who are elected by students – and everyone can have their say.

Here at Christ Church SU, our democratic structure is called Union Council.

The Council meets at least 5 times a year and produces policy which is created from issues affecting students which can be to do with your life, your university life or your union.

The council also runs campaigns to change things for the better of the student experience and the community, and to create awareness about issues which matter to you. 


Union Council Motions and Policy Guidance

Here at CCSU, the actions that are made are dictated by student officers that are elected by students and dictated on student-created policies.

If you as a student want to see change for the better in your Union/ University/community then we encourage you to write a motion and promote it to the Union Council to be decided if it should be adapted as policy. A motion only becomes a policy when the Union Council voted for it in one of the meetings.

If a proposal becomes a policy then the Union takes that as a statement of belief on the organisation on the particular issue. These policies then placed, can then instruct officers to carry out tasks, such as running campaigns on a particular issue.

Once a policy is made, it normally lasts for three years, and within that time the Union Council reviews them.

Policy Date Passed? Sabb Champion Part-time champion
Creation of a Mental Health Campaigns Sub-committee 30/10/2017 Yes Jordan Howard Gemma Hubert
National International Students' day as International Students' Mental Health awareness day 30/10/2017 Yes Krum Tashev Caelan McDonnell
To Lobby the University to start acting as a guarantor for international students and students from a disadvantaged backgrounds 30/10/2017 Yes Krum Tashev Jennifer Bello
To Lobby the University to have Training on LGBT+ issues for all Staff and Lecturers 30/10/2017 Yes Krum Tashev Megan George
Sports for disabled students 30/10/2017 Yes Biba Chuta Adam Parsons
Boycott Prevent 30/10/2017 Yes Krum Tashev Tanya Portch

Subsidised local Childcare around all campuses for All Students With Dependent Children 30/10/2017 Yes Jordan Howard Tanya Portch

Christ Church SU to become a hate crime reporting centre 16/11/2017 Yes Krum Tashev Terri-Ann Wilson
The Union to retain a neutral stance regarding NSS 2018 06/12 and offline Yes Krum Tashev n/a



As said earlier before a policy is made, a policy proposal (motion) has to be made, and submitted to the Union Council so that it can be reviewed and considered. Every student at CCCU is automatically a part of CCSU, and all have a right to propose a Motion.

If you feel that you have a potential policy that will benefit to the students and the University/ Union then send a Motion in and see what happens. Who knows it could make a big difference.

If you want to write a motion but do not know how to write one, then click here

Once you have completed a motion, then send it to pasha.hughes@ccsu.co.uk for it to be reviewed. 

Who is responsible for ensuring policies are followed within the Union?

When a policy has been approved, the Union Council mandates and oversees the work on the policy; however the party that is responsible is the elected officer(s) that has been selected to ensure the policy is worked on.

When is the deadline before Student Council meetings to submit a motion?

The majority of time if you bring a motion of the day of the meeting a decision on it will be decided then and there. However if there is a lot to go through on the day then it is advised that the motion is to be contacted to Union Council members 5 days in advance.  

Union Council Meeting Dates:

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