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Christ Church Students' Union is run by students, for students.  As a membership organisation we strive for continuous improvement and are committed to providing our members with first-rate services to enhance their experiences whilst at University.  You can see the Complaints Policy here

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If you leave us your contact details we will acknowledge your feedback within three working days, this will then get passed on to the relevant team member to look into and get back to you formally within 10 working days.

University Feedback, Questions or Complaints

This page is primarily for feedback to the Students' Union but if you have feedback/questions/complaints for services/departments at CCCU then you should contact the i-zone. The i-zone is your student helpdesk and one-stop shop for information about all aspects of life at university. If they do not know the answer to your question they will know who to ask.

This webpage also has a lot of useful information about university complaints.


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