CCSU raise £1,218 for Charity

Tue 30 Nov 2021

Period Awareness

November 29th to December 5th.

Fri 26 Nov 2021

People Who Menstruate

Being on your period is the worst time of the month. Quite literally. You’re hungry, grouchy and just want to curl up in bed all day. Imagine all of this, but on top of this all the language, advertising and discussion relating to periods is framed around a gender to which you do not identify. Men don’t have periods, right? Wrong. Not all women menstruate, and not all people who menstruate are women.

Fri 26 Nov 2021

Period Poverty

Period Poverty affects people all around the world. A surprising number of people struggle to access safe menstrual products due to finances or a lack of education on what is safe to use.

Fri 26 Nov 2021

Sustainable Periods

Mon 22 Nov 2021

Vice Chancellor Q&A / Annual Members' Meeting

This year we have a double whammy of democracy and transparency with the Vice Chancellor's Q&A followed by our the students' union Annual Members' Meeting.

Mon 15 Nov 2021

Period Awareness Week!

Mon 15 Nov 2021

24hour Library

Mon 15 Nov 2021

Reclaim These Streets 2021

Showing solidarity with women and girls who have been victims of abuse and condemnation of violence against women and girls.

Fri 05 Nov 2021

Composting on Campus

Thu 21 Oct 2021

International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating

Taking place on the 20th of October, International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating is a day where we can pledge to stand against Contract Cheating - we want you involved!

Thu 14 Oct 2021

Safe Nights Out

Top tips on staying safe in Canterbury

Thu 14 Oct 2021

Drink Spiking

We have been made aware of reports of recent drink spikings in Canterbury. We want to ensure that our students can feel safe.

Wed 06 Oct 2021

Video: Welcome from your Students' Union

The video below shows our current sabbatical officers telling you more about the SU and how you can get involved.

Fri 24 Sep 2021

Freshers' Events 2021

They're here! Come along to our official events to make friends, settle in, and have fun.

Wed 25 Aug 2021

University Jargon... what is a Sabb?

We explain what a Sabbatical officer actually is....

Thu 12 Aug 2021

Union Awards 2021 Winners

Tue 13 Jul 2021

Farewell to our 20/21 Sabb Team

Today is the last day in office for the Sabbatical Team 2020/21 and we wanted to say thank you for all your hard work during what has been a year that none of us expected.

Wed 30 Jun 2021

It's never okay

We believe that everyone should expect respect and have the right to live, study and work in a safe and supportive environment free from harassment of any kind.

Fri 23 Apr 2021

National Union Students National Conference 2021 Day 1

Get an update on how the National Union Students National Conference 2021 is going.

Tue 06 Apr 2021

CCSU Statement on the murder of Sarah Everard

Content Warning: Violence against women

Mon 15 Mar 2021

Elections Results

Who are your next SU Presidents?

Thu 11 Mar 2021

An update on Graduation ceremonies

On Thursday 4 Feb 2021 we received a response from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rama Thirunamachandran, regarding graduations for the class of 2020.

Fri 05 Feb 2021

Student Parent & Carers Network

The work we have been doing for our Student Parent and Carers.

Thu 21 Jan 2021