Saying goodbye to Inés

Inés in the foreground with a garden in the distance

As my time as President of Community, Diversity and Inclusion comes to an end I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported me throughout the two years and has believed in my ideas. 

I have managed to achieved many things these past few years but especially; 

  • Work with University to provide free period products
  • Worked closely with different departments in the University to improve the international student experience
  • One World Week
  • Created a website section on healthy relationships
  • Promoted Mental Health services around the University
  • Promoted Report+Support

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many people but I would especially like to thank the Students’ Union team and the Community Liaison Manager, for helping me fulfil my manifesto points and for supporting me throughout these two years.

I wish everyone a very bright future and much luck with everything. 

Thank you again. 


President (Community, Diversity and Inclusion), 2022-2024