CCSU Statement on Israel and Gaza


We have been devastated to see the impact of the catastrophe in Gaza and the Middle East, and horrified to see the loss of so many innocent lives.  Our thoughts are especially with those who have been directly affected.

While we appreciate that we are not experts on Israel and Palestine, we wanted to make a statement.  This message was drafted in liaison with the National Union of Students, our own CCSU Palestine Solidarity Society and Union Council members. 

We believe that international law must be adhered to and genocide must be prevented.  Israeli and Palestinian people have the right to live in peace and prosperity, free from occupation, free from violence, free from fear.  We are shocked by the news of atrocities carried out and shocked by, what the UN describes as, the collective punishment of the Palestinian people in Gaza being committed by Israel with a risk of genocide. We also understand that the humanitarian situation in Gaza is worsening every day and has become a humanitarian catastrophe. There is a severe shortage of food, clean water, medical care, fuel, and humanitarian aid is needed. 

It is alarming that nationally there have been increased reported incidents of antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Palestinian and anti-Israeli incidents amongst student communities.

Such prejudice has no place at our University. Report and Support is available to support students who have experienced harassment of any kind. 

CCSU joins many other students’ unions and the University and College Union in calling for a ceasefire.  This was a motion voted in at the Union Council meeting of 12th December 2023. We encourage you to sign the Amnesty International petition calling on our Government to seek an immediate humanitarian ceasefire:

The Chaplaincy hosts a silent Vigil for Peace in the University Chapel on the North Holmes Campus on Fridays at 1:15pm.  All colleagues and students are welcome to attend.  For further support you can contact the wellbeing team, the Palestine Solidarity Society, the Chaplaincy, or speak to us. 

For further information please read the following links: