Safe Nights Out

Top tips on staying safe in Canterbury

We want Canterbury to be a safe place for students to live, study, and have fun in but we also understand that students can be victims of incidents or traumatic situations that are no fault of their own. To help you enjoy the city safely the University works with the Students’ Union, Kent Police. Canterbury City Council and other partners on a range of initiatives including:

Safety Hub

The Union work collaboratively with Canterbury Council, Street Marshals, Street Pastors and the Police at the pop up Safety Hub. This is where we give out safety advice and support to students on how to stay safe in Canterbury. The hub is located outside McDonalds, with the next one being on the 31st October.

Zero Tolerance

The Zero Tolerance Scheme is in place to have staff trained in pubs and bars to tackle harassment and unacceptable behaviour. This includes the Ask Angela Scheme which allows people to be assisted discretely and alert a bar staff to help defuse the situation and get the support that is needed.

Street Marshals

The Street Marshals are there to help you get home safely on nights out. They patrol the routes where students live and any routes back to the campus. 

Street Marshalls photo

Lit Routes

The Lit Routes Home maps allows students to take a safe route home that are either lit or have CCTV, to ensure they can feel safer.

Safe Taxi Scheme

The Union has partnered with Longley's taxi to help CCCU students who are unable to reach their accommodation to get home safely. If students do not have the funds to pay their fare, this can be paid later using the CCCU Shop.  You need to register for the scheme here in order to access it later but only in an emergency and if you really need it or you can call 01227 913673 and state that you are a CCCU student and would like to use the Safe Taxis Scheme. This should be used during an emergency and only if you need it.

We have two reporting systems that students are able to use.

SafeZone App

This is a free app for Students to download both in Canterbury and Medway. This will connect you to the University's security team if you need any urgent help. The app is simple to use and free to download and once the app is downloaded you can use your University email to sign up.

Report and Support

This is a system where anyone is able to report harassment through the report and support process. This will allow you to be directed to the support that you need from one of the specialist advisors. You can reach the report and support page through

Look out for each other

There also plenty of ways to look out for each other:

  • Try to think ahead. Let your friends know where you are going, who you are meeting and when you expect to return.
  • Walk home together and stick to well-lit streets and busy areas.
  • Stay in pairs. Share a taxi with friends and agree to text or phone each other when home safely.
  • Always plan how you are going to get home. Check the times of the last train or buses. Carry the telephone number of a trusted, licensed taxi or minicab company with you or have a suitable booking app available on your phone.
  • Look out for each others drink. Remember, if you are spiked it is never your fault. Drink spiking is a crime, and should be reported to the Police, and through CCCU Report and Support.  For advice on drink spiking and how to look out for each other please click here.