Our new building name

An artistic creation of Mary Seacole

We’re thrilled to announce that the Students' Union space on the Canterbury campus has been renamed Mary Seacole, thanks to a student vote and the approval of the University’s Chairs Committee.

Mary Seacole was a remarkable British-Jamaican nurse who made a huge impact during the Crimean War by setting up the British Hotel to care for soldiers. In 2003, she was named the Greatest Black Briton, and in 2016, a statue was erected in her honor in London. Even though Mary Seacole isn’t connected to our University, her legacy of outstanding achievement and public service aligns perfectly with our values and mission. We’re proud to honour her in this way.

Since opening in September 2023, our building has already seen over 33,000 student visits! This fantastic new space has allowed us to connect with more students than ever and host a wide range of events. From our new Give It A Go! programme to supporting students during the Cost of Living and Learning Crisis with free hot drinks, the Canterbury Campus Pantry, and our daily free Breakfast Club, we hope we are enhacing our students' university experience.

Come by and check out the new SU – we can’t wait to see you there!