Energy crisis and cost of living support for students

Make sure you've applied for the £150 energy rebate

Energy prices are going up and there is a lot of information out there so we’re trying to answer your questions as best we can.

The way energy bills and the cost of living works for students can be more complicated than the average household, so please know that you’re not on your own and your students’ union is here for you.

£150 Energy Rebate

It was announced in March that the Government is providing £150 for most households living in properties in council tax bands A to D , which includes many students in HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupancy). This is typically being rolled out via the direct debit system.

As most students are exempt from paying council tax they won't have Direct Debit payments set up, so the council will all be writing to every household between Friday 20 May and Tuesday 31 May 2022 that is eligible and does not pay by Direct Debit, inviting them to make an application. 

Look out for a letter addressed to “Householder”. Read more on the Canterbury Council website.

Students are still entitled to receive payment of this money - whether you pay council tax or not, the bands A-D are just the way the Council organises households.

£400 Energy Grant

This is happening in October 2022 and this deduction will be made automatically to your bill for your house and is going to every eligible household. This is a deduction for the whole household and not each person.

The money will be given by the Treasury to energy suppliers who will then cut everyone's bill by £400 – so you won’t actually get the cash, it comes off the bill, but you will not need to apply for it.  Pre-payment meter customers may get a voucher/credit instead but this is yet to be determined.

Experiencing financial difficulty? 

The University have an Access to Learning Fund which is open to applications until 12 noon on 14 July 2022, or until the fund is exhausted.

The amount awarded will depend on your individual circumstances and the number of applications received throughout the year.

To apply students must meet with Student Support Advisers who can assist them with their application and you can find out more here.

Future cost of living increase

We are speaking to the University about the proposed student support packages for next year and how these should change to take into consideration the cost of living and inflation. If you have any views you'd like to share then please email

We are also working with other students’ unions and the National Union of Students to ensure students are not once again forgotten by the government when it comes to support with the cost of living.

Having problems right now?

The cost of living crisis isn’t just restricted to energy prices but also to increases in costs of food, fuel, and other services.

This can have a real impact on physical and mental health so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the university’s Student Support Advisers who offer confidential support and advice about personal and financial matters

The Canterbury Foodbank can provide three-day food parcels to individuals and families in short-term financial crisis across Canterbury so please visit their website

Please be aware that support is out and you can find more links on our Advice page.