Statement on Government's HE Funding Announcement



Today the government’s response to the Augar Review has been announced with some significant detrimental changes proposed for higher education and student funding, and completely ignores the recommendations made by Augar about the reintroduction of maintenance grants.

Christ Church Students’ Union is proud of our diverse student population who graduate with a wide range of skills and talents, and go on to successful and impactful careers, despite not always having achieved the highest exam results.  The proposal to make GCSE Maths and English at Level 4 a requirement for a student loan, and therefore a university place, is one that does not seem conducive to making higher education inclusive and transformational for all, and it is especially concerning that this is likely to negatively impact those already most disadvantaged in society.

We are also deeply alarmed that changes to the student finance system will serve to work in favour of the highest earning graduates and saddle all graduates with a potentially lifelong higher education tax.  Despite the Government claiming they are creating a fairer system, retaining the current cap on tuition fees will harm universities and your education, and lowering repayment thresholds and extending loan terms will significantly harm graduates.  We are in no doubt this is a two-front attack on higher education.

Your Sabbatical Leadership Team will continue to work with other student leaders locally and nationally to oppose these regressive changes to student and university finance.

Beth, Dan, Frankie, and Maddy

2021/22 Sabbatical Leadership Team