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Dan Bichener


Hi, I’m Dan, a third year Multimedia Journalism student here at Christ Church and I will be running for the role of Student Union President for the upcoming year 2021/22.

For the past two years I have been involved in UNIfied, CCCU’s award winning news outlet, becoming sports editor in my second year and I am currently the editor-in-chief. This role has given me the opportunity to listen to the views and concerns of Christ Church students and give them a platform to be heard.

I am also involved in Christ Church sport, being one of the men’s captains on the tennis team, and have been privileged enough to play in Varsity and BUCS matches.

Having been heavily involved in the Christ Church community throughout my time at university it’s made me understand just how important this role is and how it can improve every student’s university journey.

As I’m finishing my degree during the Covid-19 pandemic I understand the struggles that students have faced over the last year and this is one of the main reasons I wanted to represent you.




Education and Covid-19

  • Keep protecting student’s academic outcomes if any restrictions are in place and to make sure there is a fair and reasonable transition when students return.
  • A strong focus on student feedback, to their lecturers and to the university, allowing students to regularly flag up any problems with lectures, teaching or anything else.
  • Following on from the previous point, a look to introduce more module reviews, letting students discuss what modules they feel are the most beneficial and which ones aren’t.
  • Looking at, if no restrictions are in place at the beginning of term, how we can keep certain aspects of blended learning and online activities for those students who have found it to be more beneficial to them.
  • Make sure the university supports and helps students who have rented accommodation for the 2021/22 year, if they are unable to move in due to any restrictions.
  • Organise more workshops and sessions for students who want to improve their employability skills.


Diversity and Inclusion

  • To continue to work with the university on their ‘Closing our gap’ campaign, looking to close the degree attainment gap for our BAME students.
  • Continue pushing for diversity and inclusion in the events that the SU holds.
  • Work with Christ Church to continue their push for widening participation, increasing the number of first generation and least advantaged students at the university.



  • To work closely with student support and wellbeing to enhance the service and increase capacity.
  • Ensure the continuation (post covid-19) of events such as Chooseday Chill, Puppy Days, and other wellbeing events that have been so successful in previous years.


Facilities and finance

  • Bring the union back to the campus, making sure it’s easier for students to access.
  • Continue with Christ Church Students’ Union pledge to get a nursery and additional support for student parents.
  • Continue to increase the commercialisation of the union, bringing in more money to be able to spend on ideas and activities that Christ Church students may have and to have more money to spend on the student experience.



  • Work closely with the President of Engagement and Sports to ensure the cost of sports memberships are fair and inclusive for wider participation across the university.
  • Focus on including all students in sport, such as disabled students, student parents and mature students.



  • Continue the SU’s work with the LGBT+ Society, to support the community and to keep hosting important events such as Q&A’s and awareness campaigns.
  • Help grow student media, such as UNIfied, to have a wider voice in the city.
  • Continue to support campaigns for students to get involved in, such as the current BRIT Challenge, making sure to raise as much money as possible for a variety of charities.
  • I will work with the President of Campaigns and Societies to ensure that students at both Medway and Tunbridge Wells campuses feel that their voice is heard.
  • Make sure problems and issues that any postgraduate students have are listened to and resolved.


If you have any questions about my manifesto points, queries or anything else don’t hesitate to drop me a message on my Facebook (Dan Bichener) or Instagram (dan.bichener) pages.

Thank you!


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