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Hi, I’m Becky Thomson and I am running for President (Development) because I have the passion and drive to represent societies in the most effective way, support fundraising and encourage volunteering.

I am a Forensic Psychology Masters student your elected NUS delegate and elected President of the Psychology Society. Since completing my undergraduate degree, I have been heavily involved with the Student Union, sitting on the Union Society Executive CommitteeStudent Academic Representation Committee and supporting other teams and societies in their events.

I am incredibly passionate about the Student Union and the potential it has to help improve student’s experiences at CCCU. I know I could use my existing knowledge and skills to increase engagement from existing members, promote unity between societies and sports clubs to make sure everyone has the best possible experience at university!


How will I achieve this?


Inclusivity of all students

CCCU prides itself on inclusivity, however I believe there are several improvements that could be made.

 Within this role I will;

  • Develop the campaign for an onsite/subsidised creche so that every parent can have peace of mind whilst studying
  • Ensure the students union offers family friendly social events to encourage every student to get involved!
  • Fight to get the SU back on campus to make it more accessible to all students and make it easier to access all of the facilities
  • Work collaboratively with the President of Wellbeing to provide sensitivity training for all staff to make sure staff understand how to address students complex needs



As a President of a society, I understand the challenges they face and have some ideas on how to help. As President of Development, a huge aspect of the role is helping societies achieve their potential. To do this, I promise to;

  • Support and enhance, the cohesion of societies, following the success of the recent Guild of Societies rebrand
  • Ensure ALL societies feel supported and valued within the student’s union
  • Work WITH societies not against them by continuing to empower the Union Society Executive Committee and looking at other events for societies e.g. a knowledge exchange (Society Varsity) with the University of Kent and larger campaigns which will benefit members (e.g. sport for mental health and group volunteering events)
  • Encourage networking between societies by chairing a meeting with ALL Presidents once a semester. This will enable all societies to engage with each other and create important links
  • Continuing to hold regular and dedicated drop-in sessions for society members
  • Fight for the equal opportunities for societies e.g. discount cards, society social night and a more acclaimed Student Opportunity Awards


  • Help smaller societies to grow by holding workshops for all; such as social media engagement, content choices, ideas for fundraising and leadership.



Within this role I will;

  • Work closely with the university to support you in finding volunteer opportunities; I will hold regular meetings with the Employability and Enterprise Department at CCCU to ensure opportunities are promoted through the Union and students are supported during placements
  • I will help to build links with the local community to offer you the most fulfilling roles
  • Work towards a streamlined way to log hours of volunteering
  • Ensure you are acknowledged and rewarded for achieving goals,



It’s amazing how much money you have all made through individual societies or teams! But imagine how much of a difference you could make, together! If elected, I will;

  • Create a central database and links with local charities which will provide the opportunity for teams/societies to raise money together with the least amount of hassle
  • Streamline the fundraising process to make it as simple as possible e.g. continue working toward an online service for societies to view the amount they have made
  • Dedicate myself to supporting each event either with planning or on the day



As Medway lead, I promise to;

  • Work hard towards obtaining a regular minibus service between Canterbury and Medway campus
  • Fight for Equal opportunities for Medway students e.g. facilities and events
  • Extend GK associate membership and subsidised membership for Christ Church students
  • More presence on campus including drop-in sessions
  • Support societies that want to host events on Medway campus
  • Commit to visit Medway campus, for at least two full days a month, to meet YOU


Student Wellbeing

Coming from a psychology background, mental health and wellbeing is something I care deeply about. I will work collaboratively with the President of Wellbeing to achieve;

  • Protection and expansion of the “Chooseday chill”
  • Continuing to host puppy days.


Postgraduate support

Post graduates are often overlooked within the university, I will help to change that.

  • Higher book allowance from the library
  • Inclusion both within the Union and in the University environment. E.g. Postgraduate support networks for taught courses
  • Post graduate study areas around campus
  • Ensuring PG students are included in university events e.g. welcome week, introduction talks.



Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. I hope you have seen how passionate and capable I am of fulfilling the role.

Back me for a CHANGE in the student’s union. Back me for a shift in thinking. #BACKBECKY

Please to do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any of the points I have proposed above: FB: Becky Thomson


Like my Facebook page to keep up to date with my campaign:



Please to do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any of the points I have proposed above: FB: Becky Thomson


Like my Facebook page to keep up to date with my campaign:

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