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Millie Cable

Hello, my name is Millie Cable and I’m running to be your President of Development 2019/20. I am currently a third year psychology student, President of the university’s athletics team and General Modular Scheme (GMS) officer on the union council. Being the GMS Officer, I represent a large amount of the student population at Christ Church and have had the opportunity to voice concerns and matters that students may have had. Whilst being President of the athletics team, I have had the opportunity to develop essential communication, leadership and organisation skills. 


I want to increase the recognition that societies get to the level that sports teams do. Societies achieve a great deal throughout the year, such as raising huge amounts of money and raising awareness of important issues, but these achievements are not celebrated enough. 


If you were to elect me I plan to: 


  • further the development of the Guild of Societies by increasing the amount of showcases, thereby increasing recognition of the achievements and work of our societies
  • Work with the core to improve student employability by running workshops and promoting drop ins in both Canterbury and Medway campus
  • Rebrand RaG (Raise and Give) and develop an executive committee for fundraising to increase the amount of fundraising opportunities - let’s fill up that blackboard!
  • Semesterly feedback questionnaires for societies to complete for constant, all year round development 
  • A bigger and better ReFreshers event in January to allow students to talk to societies that they may be interested in joining but didn’t in freshers week. This aims to improve participation in non-academic areas across the student body
  • Work with an official executive committee from the Medway campus to ensure Medway is represented within our student voice 
  • To increase society participation and have weekly society socials, much like sports teams do. I would contact Chemistry and try to organise a weekly allocated night when societies could have a social event and discuss there being similar offers to societies; for example the cards that allow discounted entry into Chemistry and Tokyo Tea Room. 
  • To be TOTALLY transparent and provide weekly calendar updates and timesheets to ensure students know my whereabouts at all time 



    Vote me number one for increased recognition of societies and their achievements, improved employment support and transparency.



    Development is the key to success.

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