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Who am I?

My name is Laine Slater. I am a Creative Writing student at Canterbury Christ Church University. I have an avid interest in politics, and have campaigned for the Labour party during the 2017 elections, volunteered in local rallies, and have been to many political protests in London. For years, I have always wanted to work in some sort of council, where I could help the in need of help and better the lives of the people around me. It seems that I have that chance now.

Throughout several stages of my life, I have suffered from mental illness, drug addiction, financial trouble and homelessness. Yet here I am. I came out the other side. A second year student at Canterbury Christ Church University. And by using what I have learned through my experiences, I believe I can help my fellow students.


My Proposals

The mind and body are the two most important things in life. A healthy mind is a healthy life, and a healthy body is the way to live your life to your fullest.

This comes most important in your university years. These years, while you perfect your skills and knowledge for the outside world, you deserve to be safe, happy, and most importantly, healthy. The ideas I have to give the students of CCCU the wellbeing they deserve, have been taken directly from the experiences I have had in my own life, in and outside of university.


Accommodation Troubles

To battle the threat of crooked and/or fraudulent landlords, I propose an online message board in which fellow students can black list or praise different student accommodations based on their experiences there.

Drug/Alcohol Troubles

Due to the nature of university, drug and alcohol abuse is common. I propose a better funded, easier to access, more caring approach to students suffering from drug/alcohol abuse and addiction. Addiction is a disease, and it should be treated like one.

Financial Troubles

In my foundation year of university I, like many other freshers, struggled terribly with money. I propose extracurricular sessions on important money handling skills (saving, mortgages, debt trouble) that will benefit students during university and beyond.


Before I came to university, I was homeless. Thanks to the university student accommodation, I was given a place to live and begin my studies. It is very important for me to ensure that all people, no matter their situation, have the same chance to learn and better themselves, like I did. I propose changes should be made to the student accommodation, where it is possible for students to be able to live in accommodation throughout the summer months if they have no other place to go.


I worked for the 5 years after leaving school and before coming to university, and that experience made me appreciate the education I now am being given. I propose more jobs be given to students through Unitemps and a better chance for students to look for work throughout Canterbury. This can be done with a jobs board that can be placed inside the main campus as well as the Augustine Library, that focuses on part time work for unexperienced students. These jobs will be personally sought out after by me, to make sure the jobs are perfectly tailored to a student’s study times and previous experience. To complete this goal I will work closely with the President of Development and the university employability team.


These are just some of the proposals I have to offer this university. I feel with a big enough push in the right direction, we can make great, lasting effects on the health and happiness of all of us here at Christ Church.


Why You Should Vote For Me

With the powers I would be given if I was elected, I would do everything in my power to make sure my goals and more are met. This university has given me so much, and finally, I have the chance to give to others.

I'm not a politician. I don't even think I would like to be a politician. They lie and cheat and are in it for themselves. Just look at our country. But being a student President isn't about politics, despite the title. A student President is there to be the voice for the students that can't be heard. And you better believe me, I have a loud voice.

Vote for Laine.

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