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                          Hello I’m Bear! I’m in my 2nd year of studies at Christchurch University, currently studying Public Health. You will probably recognize me from the SU lounge bar where I work part time alongside my studies, and playing for The Chargers American Football Team.


I’m running for President of Wellbeing, because Mental, Physical, Sexual Health and inclusivity are all matters of personal importance to me. Students need to feel supported, encouraged and listened to, to make their time at University not just successful but enjoyable and fun as well.


First and Foremost I will strive to make students feel welcomed, and included no matter their Race, Religion, ethnicity, sexuality or Music Choice! What I will achieve will hopefully continue to benefit CCCU students for many years to come, and to keep Student wellbeing top priority at CCCU.


I would like to work on and improve the following issues.


  • Shorter waiting times for Mental Health and Wellbeing, students to be contacted within 72 hrs.
  • Create an initiative with the President of Sports and Engagement, to combat mental health through sports and exercise within CCCU.
  • Continue with chooseday chill and further promote unanimous inclusion for students in a safe and relaxed environment.
  • Introduce a non-alcoholic night at the SU lounge bar for students that like to have a good time but don’t drink.
  • Work closely with the SU Lounge bar to create a hub for all students to socialize, interact and have fun during their time at CCCU.
  • Give students a safe and open space to talk about drug and alcohol abuse and sexual health.
  • Reinforce the objectives set out in the ‘Expect Respect’ campaign and work towards equality for all students regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity. .
  • Supporting international Students Post Brexit, listening and raising any concerns that they might have regarding their studies at CCCU.
  • Providing a voice to minority students that feel they may not be currently represented at CCCU.
  • Work with the accommodation team to help improve the student’s first experience of being away from home, and settling into a new environment.
  • Improve the living standards within Student accommodation, and make sure basic housing is being met throughout the year.
  •  Make sure all student accommodation is staffed 24/7 for the safety and wellbeing of the students.
  • Continue to work closely with the Street Marshalls that provide safety and security for students with Canterbury City.
  • Being a parent myself I understand the struggles of balancing caring for young children and studying at university. I would like create a 'Stay and Play' for parents with children under 5 where they can chat and enjoy the company of students in similar positions to their own whilst providing activites for the under 5's.
  • Encourage students to voice their opinions and idea’s about what they expect from CCCU mental health and wellbeing and be actively involved in decisions about their time at CCCU.


Thank you for taking time to read my manifesto, I truly believe every single student is important and deserves to be represented and respected at CCCU.


If you would like to chat find me at the following

Facebook: Bear Thompson

Vote NO.1 Bear4wellbeing 

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