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Re-Elect Jamie Harris as your President (Wellbeing) 

Hello, I’m Jamie and I’m the current President (Wellbeing) for 2018/19 and I’m running to represent you again as your President (Wellbeing) for 2019/20.  

In March 2018, I was elected to represent the students at University as the President (Wellbeing). I am really passionate about making a difference and enjoy throwing myself into the role and improving services for students. 

I had a number of manifesto points I wanted to achieve this year for the students, to cover the remit for my role. Being the first year for this position I have been able to mold the role to how I want it in order to maximise success. 

I have managed to achieve a lot this year already, some of the things I have done include: 

  • Chooseday Chill – a weekly event where students can discuss wellbeing issues in a relaxed and comfortable environment, without the pressures of a formal session with the offering of free toast. 

  • Have provided Gender pronoun badges within SU which students can pick up when required. This will stop the mis-gendering and show support to our Transgender Students. 

  • Gender Neutral Toilets implemented in all new buildings. 

  • Organised specific events for Liberation Groups 

  • Helped develop a University Mental Health Framework to show what the University a committing to. 

  • Have managed to offer more Mental Health drop ins for students across Canterbury and Medway Campuses. (2 days in Medway, 2 full fays on NHR and everyday in library including every other Saturday) 

  • Alongside the Wellbeing department we have been able to offer more student drop ins including higher presence on Medway campus. 

  • PATS - Personal academic tutors now have a defined job role within a new policy 

  • Run an Ask Twice Mental Health campaign with Students which had over 1000 students engaging 

  • Run a Winter Wellbeing Campaign 

  • Provided free Condoms/ Sanitary towels for students to promote period poverty and safe sex which are available throughout the year 

  • Raised important messages during Hate Crime Awareness/ Alcohol Awareness Week 

  • Have held Student Support Health and Wellbeing to account by raising awareness of complaints about them straight to them to ensure something can be done. 

  • Written promotional educational blogs around improving student Wellbeing 

To be your President (Wellbeing) is something that I care strongly about and is such an important thing to me to ensure that students can be cared and supported for. There should be more of a focused understanding of Wellbeing throughout the Uni and I want to continue to ensure that University is a place of inclusion and accessibility for all. There is a number of projects that I have been working on this year and I want to be able to continue these next year and not leave them half way through.  

So therefore if you re-elect me as your President (Wellbeing) I will ensure I will do the following: 

Out of Hour Support  
Lobby the University to provide and put more funding into out of Hour Mental Health support for students. I plan to continue working with Student Support to make sure all new provision for out of our support is developed looking at students’ needs in particular.  

Stress Less Events 
Continuation of Stress Less events such as Chooseday Chill, Puppy Days and a range of different Wellbeing events that promote a healthy lifestyle. Also making these events more popular and relevant to student needs.  

Represent all Students  
Continue to Represent Liberation groups effectively be continuing the DEL committee, running campaigns to support students during Black History Month, LGBTQ+ History Month etc. Arrange more time to speak to students from Liberation groups more regularly. I plan to engage more with society leads to talk about what support they need to promote their agenda.  

Sensitivity Training 
Lobby the University to provide Sensitivity training for Staff to show increased awareness and support for students of Liberation groups so staff can know how they feel during University life. 

Mental Health 
More Support for Mental Health including the continuation of Chooseday Chill. Continue to ensure students can access the support they need when they need it. We all know how important mental Health is while at University so increasing the support, trying to get even more drop ins. Also work more regularly with the President Sport and Engagement to develop more opportunities to use physical activity as a method to help improve Mental Health, students can take up the opportunity to participate in Physical activity in order to help their Mental Health. 

Student Services Workshops 
Work with the Student Support department to develop their Workshop Wednesday program which aim is to increase general awareness around wellbeing and looking after yourself. I will regularly monitor student feedback to ensure they useful and relevant.  

Mental Health Training  
Ensure most staff, including security staff, are better mental health trained as on many occasions they are on the scene as the first point of call. 

More Wellbeing Drop in Clinics 
More drop in for Mental Health, although have managed to increase them. Have more in other areas such as Sexual Health.  

Student Voice 
Continue to listen to students to see what you want! All student needs and opinions are taken into consideration. These are relating to all matters and I will try to implement what you want in order to enhance your student experience. I will continue to have an open door policy. I can arrange designated wellbeing and support sessions and everyone is able to come to speak to me about problems or issues they may have. I will do my best to try and help you out and support your problem or question.  

Canterbury Community 
Help give back to the community by organizing more events such as litter picks to help make students feel more part of the community. Continue to develop good links within the community by working with the council to help educate students on rubbish use etc. As well as encouraging societies to raise money for local charities to show our support for the local community. Given back to the community doing these things, will help build ties between community members and students which has often been limited in the past. 

Continue to run a move out campaign which uses unwanted home items  from 3rd years when they leave University and use them for freshers who may not be able to afford their own and work closely with Green Impact, the sustainability committee to find ways of making Uni a more eco-friendly sustainable place to learn including continue to maintain the composter we already have on campus. 

Wellbeing Executive Committee 
Similar to Team Christ Church Exec, create a committee which is solely dedicated to the Wellbeing of the University students. The committee will help me lead on campaigns involving mental health and other Wellbeing related matters. I want to be able to be reach out to more students and discover what students want.  

Diversify the Events that the Union Runs 
Ensure all the events we run as a union reach out to as many individuals as possible and are made more inclusive. We want to be able to show that we can represent all students and ensue a retention of students, particularly those who don’t engage with us currently, is a key university priority. We have a key role in building communities of students which can support this. 

Overall, I have worked hard and successfully to achieve change in student outcomes and have been able to build strong working relationships across the University. These relationships I have created will help me create more change going forward for you.  

Thank you for taking the time to read through my manifesto, if you have any questions or ideas for more change please do get in contact, I would love to hear from you. Please like my page Re-Elect Jamie 4 Wellbeing on Facebook to keep up to date with my campaign. 

Also Jamie Russell Harris on Facebook and @jamieharris08 on Instagram

Please vote for me as your number 1 choice for President (Wellbeing) or if you have a preferred candidate please vote for me as your 2nd choice. 







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