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Philip Kloppenborg

Hello everyone, my name is Phil Kloppenborg and I am your current Union President. I am running for re-election. My first year as your Union President has been exciting and very motivating but also a steep learning curve. It's been a pleasure to represent you all in various university meetings, ensuring that your student voice is heard and is at the heart of all decisions made. This year has really ignited my passion for representation and for the union as a whole and I believe that we really make a difference to your university experience.  


So, what have I done over my first 7 months as your president?

Rejuvenated the student rep system - this year I conducted 4 independent training sessions, one of which being in Medway to ensure that as many reps as possible were prepared for the year to come. I created and delivered the first student and staff student rep handbook to try and ensure all students were aware of the position and its importance. I also set up the Student Academic Representation committee to try and ensure student reps voice was being heard. 

Published sabbatical calendars – So you can see how we spend our time representing your interests as well as taken sabbatical working hours for review at Union Council.

Medical school – This year I have been involved in serval different medical school related meetings trying to fight to ensure that these students experiences is at the centre of all decisions, having specific influence over the academic calendars. However I have also been fighting to ensure that all students, current and prospective, are treated equally ultimately trying to ensure equity of service.

Library – This year I maintained the 24 hour library period as well as ensuring more computers and double screens were installed. I have also introduced quick access computers, to try and ease library congestion at peak times. All with the intention to enable better studying facilities for you.

Semesterisation - reviewed semesters and created the BOS survey to ensure students had their say as well as reviewing personal development week and trying to establish what students actually want from that week.

Personal Academic Tutor - a new job policy was written to ensure that tutors are clear about their role in supporting you.

Digital Learning Capture – I have been a part of the group that is implementing Digital Lecture Capture as well as gaining Union Council’s support for the initiative through a motion which I wrote.


I have loved representing your interests and achieving a more positive university experience for you – and I would love to continue to do this for you. If you re-elect me I aim to achieve the following:

  • Ensure the stabilisation of the block grant – at the moment the union doesn’t know how much money it will have for the following years, it is just given an annual budget within the summer months. This doesn’t allow for any future planning to enhance your experiences. Stabilising the grant will allow the union to plan for the future.
  • Increase the Unions commercial opportunities, ensuring the union becomes more self-sufficient – the more money the union has the more that can be spent on activities that you care about.  
  • Get the union back on campus – the union being off campus means that it’s hard for you to find and out of your way. Being back on campus will give you much greater access to the union.
  • Further fight for complete transparency within the union - you deserve to know what's going on and who's doing what.
  • Ensure that every union led meeting has minutes to record what is being discussed and ensure that those minutes are published clearly on the website for you to read.
  • Diversify the types of events that the union puts on as well as increasing the overall number of activities the union provides throughout the year.

Student reps:

  • Ensure that student reps are given the recognition they deserve by setting up and expanding a student rep awards night as well as generally increasing the amount of opportunities for reps to meet, discuss ideas and network.
  • Further communicate to staff the importance of the student rep system and promote a fair and democratic election process. Ensuring that a student rep newsletter is published to both staff and students at the beginning of the year. Also ensuring termly updates are sent out to staff and students to showcase work and success.  


  • Ensure that the postgraduate student voice is heard and that actions are taken to better your student experience, largely by working very closely with the postgraduate part time officer on Union Council.
  • Fight for further, self-contained, post graduate space. To help support a growing community within this university.
  • Introduce a termly postgraduate newsletter to ensure postgraduate students are kept up to date with how the Union is working for you.  


  • Ensure that the library 24hr open period is maintained
  • Lobby for a funding review. At the moment the library has very little say in what books are bought each year. Currently each faculty will provide the university with a list and with money to go and source the books. I believe that the library should have greater control over these matters. This means that your voice as students will feature more heavily within the conversation. 

As you can see I have delivered some real change for all students and want to continue to work in your best interests. I know this university and all of the people that, together, we can influence to improve your university experience. Vote for me so that I can continue the great work that I have started and take you and this university into a really positive student experience that will stay with you throughout your life.  

Thank you for reading. 

Please vote for me #1 to continue to be your Union President. 


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