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Chloe Woolaway

Chloe Woolaway for President (Sports and Engagement) 2019/20

Hello, my name is Chloe Woolaway and I am the current President (Sports and Engagement). Having achieved major successes in the role this year, I am re-running for the role for a second year; filled with enthusiasm to continue the fight for what you want from your Students’ Union. Now having the increased knowledge and experience, I feel equipped to continue to implement changes that are needed to ensure you, as a student, are getting the most out of your University experience.

Here are my policies I will implement if elected:

Team Christ Church Inclusivity

-        Bullying continues to impact the engagement of students at a University level, within our sports teams and the Students’ Union. Therefore, I will devise and implement a Christ Church anti-bullying policy.

-        With the support of a national campaign like ‘Stand Up To Bullying’, I will provide club Wellbeing Officers with anti-bullying and inclusion training.

-        Strengthening the relationship between Team Christ Church and the LGBT community at the University is a priority of mine. Therefore, as part of club committee training, I will include a section educating sport teams about sexuality and genders in sports.

-        Working with my counterpart in Kent, I will ensure that the theme of inclusivity is fully implemented into Varsity 2020.

Varsity 2020/Team Christ Church

-        In line with the growth and importance of Varsity each year, I will push for a Varsity Summer series, which will include more events and different sports.

-        I will create a Varsity Instagram and Twitter page to target a wider audience, by increasing the social media profile of Varsity.

-        I will utilise the relationship I built with Unified this year and work with them to give sports clubs a platform all year round. This is to make sure all clubs are given recognition for what they have achieved.

Mental Health

-        I will work alongside the University’s Wellbeing Department and Christ Church Sport to establish a physical-activity based intervention scheme. This will be aimed at students who are struggling with their mental health; to offer free social sport sessions/fitness classes to begin to lessen the impact of the wait time from referral, to receiving the wellbeing support from the University.

-        I will continue with the role of Wellbeing Officers in each sports committee and progress it to training whole committees in mental health and wellbeing.

Sports and Societies Engagement

-        I will continue to progress internal engagement of sports teams through joint socials, Final Whistle takeovers and charity fundraising events and work with the President (Development) to engage sports teams with societies.

-        Furthermore, I will also work with them to increase the engagement opportunities at Medway, to get students more involved within the Students’ Union.

-        I will also continue to support sports clubs and maintain these relationships to ensure they are getting the most from their Team Christ Church experience.

Create officiating opportunities for students

-        Having been a proactive committee member, I understand the difficulties clubs have when trying to find reliable referees and umpires to officiate BUCS fixtures. Therefore, I am proposing to work with Christ Church Sport to create more opportunities, enabling students to gain officiating qualifications at a student friendly price (similar to the coaching scheme that Christ Church Sport already offer).


-        I will work with teams to help reduce the impact of training cuts and find alternatives to help students get the most out of their memberships.

-        Taking into consideration the recent rejection of the planning permission for new facilities and basing an argument around how successful our clubs are, I will question why we are still having to fight towards securing better facilities for Team Christ Church.


Being your President (Sports and Engagement) this year has been the most eye-opening and rewarding experience. I have loved every single second working alongside sports clubs to make changes that benefit students’ engagement long term. Being a part of four sports clubs during my time at University and being elected into this role last year has moulded me into the confident, passionate and determined individual I am today. I want to ensure every single individual gets the most out their experiences within Team Christ Church and I believe I am the best candidate to make this happen.

If you have made it this far thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. I hope you consider me as your #1 vote to continue to be your President (Sports and Engagement).



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