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Ali Barker

Hello, my name is Ali Barker and I am standing to be your President of Sports and Engagement for 2019/20. I am currently a 3rd year Geography student, and a member of Men’s Cricket and Men’s Rugby. During my time as a member of Men’s Cricket I have been on committee as both Social Secretary and President. Holding these two positions, I have worked alongside other committee members as well as members of other sports to organise events such as joint socials and fundraisers. During 2018/19, I have sat as Chair for the Union Council- this has allowed me to understand the general running of the Students’ Union and see what is working well and what may need improvement. I have worked with a wide range of students from many different backgrounds to ensure that every student’s experience is the best it can be.

Below is a list of my policies:


Working with the newly elected President of Wellbeing to not only continue mental health training, but to expand it to more members of sports teams. By expanding this training, other committee members such as captains and presidents would be able to support the Wellbeing officer in their role.

Increasing awareness into other areas of health. As members of sports teams we assume that our general health is good, but this is not always the case. Other areas of health, such as cardiac health needs to be a focus as well.

Training and Coaching

Working with Christ Church Sport and committees in order to make sure that the coaching every team receives is to the highest quality possible. For the size of our university, the standard of Sport is extremely good, but it can still get better and the coaching we receive will be extremely influential in this.

Continuing the amount of training time each sports team has and looking at potentially increasing this. Although funding has meant that the amount of training time has decreased for each team, it is important to work with Christ Church Sport to ensure that the amount of training is adequate for all teams.

I will work to make sure that the facilities used for training sessions are the best possible. I will do this by working closely alongside Team Christ Church committees and Christ Church Sport. Members of sports teams should have a say in where they train and how money is spent when it comes to organising training schedules.


Working alongside Women’s and Disabled officers, ethnic minorities and LGBT+ in order to ensure Team Christ Church is as inclusive as possible. Working with liberation groups, it is important to spread awareness of campaigns within the University that can be supported by sports teams.


Engaging more than just the Team Christ Church Executive Committee in the general running of sport at Christ Church. I will hold regular meetings with Presidents, Captains and other committee members to make sure that they are carrying out their roles effectively and improving the experience for the members of their teams as much as possible.

Social Sport

I will work with Christ Church Sport, as use sports activators to increase engagement in social sport. Social sport is a very good way for everyone at the university to keep active, increasing the amount of people that take part in this and awareness needs to be spread even more.

Blanket Sponsorship

I will make sure that each and every sports team knows where the money from blanket sponsorship deals go. I will work to make sure that clubs can understand where the money goes to improve the sporting experience at the university, as this year I was unsure exactly where it was spent.


Some clubs struggled in getting their kit quickly this year. BUCS can be over relatively quickly for some sports, and it is important that they have kit for as much of the year as possible. I will work alongside committee members to make sure that kit suppliers are quick in replying and sorting out kit, so that all teams can have high quality kit for the majority of the year.


I will work alongside sports teams and provide support in the organisation of fundraising events. I will work with them to make sure that they are as effective as possible in raising money for very worthwhile causes.


As every year, I will work to help every team prepare for varsity to help our chances of winning varsity overall.

I will also work with Kent Union in order to introduce new sports to varsity. There are some sports that should represent Team Christ Church during this spectacle, but they do not get a chance.

I will also push to make sure that every varsity event is at the best possible location. Although it is important to ensure spectators can get to as many events as possible, Varsity is a showcase of university sport and should be played at the best facilities possible.




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