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Hello, I’m Rachel Wilkins, and I am currently in my third year studying Dance Education. I want to become your new President of Wellbeing for the year 2019/2020 because I believe being in this position will allow me to make a difference to the lives of all students across all campuses at Christ Church. My personal university experience has shown me the importance of happiness in student life. As a result, I want student’s welfare to become the biggest priority within the University and am extremely eager to make this happen.

As an individual, I have been part of a number of societies including the dance, women’s lacrosse and trampolining sports teams. I strongly feel that being part of these sports teams has had an immensely positive impact on my university experience and my personal wellbeing.

My whole manifesto is based around making people smile. Research has shown smiling can improve a person’s level of positivity, and this is something I believe my manifesto will accomplish, inspiring confidence in students that there is ‘always a reason to smile’

My main manifesto policies consist of: Mental Health, Equality and Diversity, Wellbeing Clinics, Open Door Policy, Stress Relief Events and Student Voice.

Mental Health

I will aim to improve waiting times, increase personalisation of the referral system and increase allocations of drop-in sessions. I will ensure that an emergency University contact point of call is put in place and awareness of this is promoted for students and ex students.

I will ensure mental health training for campus staff and security is increased so they have the relevant knowledge so students feel secure, supported and cared for.

Equality and Diversity

I want to effectively represent all students within the University. For international students, I want to work closely with the SU and the University to make sure all students are protected and cared for following BREXIT.

I would also like to expand and increase social events and campaigns throughout the academic year for LGBT and international students, allowing them to feel more welcomed at University and to interact with other students who are having similar experiences.

Wellbeing Clinics

I want students to have free and regular mental and sexual health drop ins to ensure their wellbeing whilst at University. These drop-in sessions will provide accurate support, information and knowledge of wellbeing issues that may arise at this time in our lives such as: mental health, sexual health and any drug related issues. This will give every student the opportunity to talk openly and confidently about any problems they may face.

I feel it is important to build and increase connections we have within the community which is why I will also look to work with local mental health charities in the area.

Open Door Policy

It is important that students feel supported whilst studying at University. I would be available for support in person or via email or telephone, whatever feels most comfortable for students.

I will have walk-in hours timetabled for people who do not have an appointment to talk about any issues. For Medway campus students, I would be happy to travel to accommodate your needs if this was the case.

Stress Relief Events

I will put positivity and motivation boards and leaflets around the University.

I will continue events such as puppy days, ‘Chooseday Chill’ and walking events due to their success, and look to expand these programs. I would look at implementing other ideas such as farm days throughout the academic year.

Also, I want to develop the connection between students and sports centre facilities. Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress and I want to increase awareness of the different range of sports and exercise that is offered at the University.

I would also use events such as Freshers Fayre and Open Days to encourage students to find the right society or sports team for them.

Student Voice

I want to hear from you! To me the opinions and views of every student are very important. I will do my very best to reach out to students as I believe the best way of improving a student’s experience where wellbeing is concerned is through the student’s voice.

I will ensure good communication with every society and sports team at the Canterbury and Medway Campus for students to feel that their voice is being heard.


Thank you for reading through my manifesto and taking your time, if you would like a full copy of my manifesto or have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me via Rachel Wilkins on Facebook or Rachel_Wilkins97 on instagram.

Like my page, vote RACHEL for wellbeing! On Facebook to kept up to date with my campaign.

Please vote for Rachel Wilkins as #1 President for Wellbeing or if you prefer another candidate please consider me as you #2 vote!



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