Elections 2019 Rules

Your official Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) is Kate Little, Head of Engagement. You can contact her by emailing kate.little@ccsu.co.uk


  1. According to the Union's Bye-Laws the Returning Officer is an NUS staff member who independently oversees the election process.  As before, we propose, as many other SU’s do, Peter Robertson, the Acting Chief Executive of NUS.

  2. The Deputy Returning Officer, appointed to strategically oversee the elections process, named as Kate Little, Head of Engagement.

  3. The Elections Organiser, appointed to operationally oversee the elections process and who is candidates’ first point of contact at all times, is Pasha Hughes, Voice & Campaigns Coordinator.

  4. The Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officer shall follow the process of elections as set out in the Union’s Bye-Laws, implicitly by being the final interpreters of the Bye-Laws and the rules of the election, including creating additional rules and guidelines.

  5. The Governing Body of the University appoint a Certifying Officer whose role is to ensure the elections are held in accordance with the University's obligations under the Education Act (1994).  As before, Dr. Moira Helm, as the Students’ Union liaison, will assume this role.

  6. The official website which serves as information point and a channel for nomination and voting is www.ccsu.co.uk/elections.



  1. At the time of submitting a nomination the person has to be a registered student at Canterbury Christ Church University.

  2. A student can only be a candidate for one position.



  1. Do not do anything another candidate cannot do.

  2. Treat all students and staff with respect in the interest of a fair election.

  3. All candidates are responsible for the actions of anyone acting on their behalf.

  4. Candidates can spend up to £40 on their campaign*.  The entire sum will be reimbursed by the Union, subject to the candidate completing and submitting the expense sheet by the close of voting with valid receipts.

  5. Candidates can inform students they will be running in the election.  Actual campaigning in any form is permitted from midday on Friday 22nd February.

*Print costs are included in the £40 limit. Candidates wishing to claim print costs should submit a screenshot of their university print credit transactions or a receipt from an external print company, if using.

Disputes and breaches of regulation

  1. Any member of the Union can submit a complaint regarding the candidates’ and campaigners’ conduct.  These need to be discussed with the Deputy Returning Officer.

  2. The Deputy Returning Officer will seek to resolve complaints if they are upstanding after investigation, by leveling the playing field amongst candidates within a reasonable timeframe and in an informal manner as much as possible.

  3. The potential sanctions for breaching regulation are:

    1. An action which would attempt to level the playing field amongst candidates in question.

    2. Disqualification from the election.

  4. The Students’ Union’s Articles, Bye-Laws and regulations (http://ccsu.co.uk/about/policy/) apply to everyone during any election.  Any breaches of these governing documents, of Students’ Union or University policies and regulations, or the laws of the UK may carry a disqualification.