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Your students' union put on a wide variety of events throughout the year and we try to ensure that there's something for everyone, whether you’re coming straight from A-levels, have children or dependents, or are a distance learner, etc. We want to ensure you are all able to feel part of the Christ Church community.

As with most other students' unions and universities we've had to think about things differently in light on social distancing. This means the majority of events will be online but we're excited about what this means and how the events will be even more inclusive than ever.

Click here to see what we've got planned!

We've teamed up with Native to provide some great virtual events so visit to see what's planned. FYI: You'll need to create a new Native account to add tickets.

We're also adding more events each week, both virtual and in-person too so watch this space for updates.

Next Events

Student Allyship Workshops (CCCU STUDENTS)
30th October 3pm - 4pm
Become part of a long-lasting transformative change. In recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement, the #IMATTER and Allyship campaign serves to shine a light on racial disparities in higher education, build a supportive university community.
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