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Student Elections 2020 Results

What are the student elections?

The Student Elections are one of the most important events in the students' union calendar as we are run by students, for students, and this is the time we elect the four full-time Sabbatical Officers to represent students at Christ Church.

Any CCCU student is allowed to run for election and if succesful will be in office for one year (July 2020-July 2021). They will represent you at strategic and management level University meetings to provide an informed student view, run campaigns and projects related to their remit, and to most importantly lead the Union and ensure that students are adequately represented throughout their time at CCCU.

When were the elections?

Nominations were open from Monday 20th January to Friday 7th February 2020 and then voting took place Monday 17th February to Thursday 20th February 2020. The results of the election were announce on Friday 21st February at The Lounge Bar & Kitchen and here's what happened.

The 2020/21 CCSU Team

Thank you to everyone who stood for a position, campaigned, voted, and took part in the 2020 Student Elections.

Here are your presidents for 2020/21

  • Union President - Becky Thomson
  • President (Development) - Beth Elwood
  • President (Sports and Engagement) - Maddy Young
  • President (Wellbeing) - Nathan Baker

Who voted?

If you love stats as much as we do then here are a few slides from our Results Night presentation.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the elections and we look forward to welcoming the new team in July 2020.

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