Here's how you can get in touch with us and say 'hello'.

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch with your students' union then you can email us on, use the online chat, or check out our social media channels.W

We wanted to give you a little heads-up as there there are a lot of unofficial Facebook groups and pages out there so here are the only ones you can trust to give you accurate information and which are supported by Christ Church Students' Union. Your Students' Union.

Official Students' Union Profiles

Here's our official CCSU accounts so please give us a follow.


Official University Profiles

Here are the official CCCU accounts:


Freshers Groups and Pages

  • The University run a group for prospective CCCU students to connect with fellow students and University staff. You will be invited to join once you have a firm offer. Please contact iZone, the University information desk, for further details.

Be safe on social media

It's easy to get excited when on social but be careful about how much information you share online. This can range from checking on the privacy options on your profile, so only your friends can see your old photos and updates etc, to not sharing your flat number, phone number etc. Most people are pretty friendly but it doesn't hurt to be a little cautious at times.


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