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Fake Freshers... Choose the Official Freshers' Welcome Week

If you're coming to Canterbury Christ Church Uni this September then you will no doubt have already heard about Freshers' and Freshers' Week through chatter and the countless groups and pages on Facebook. Exciting isn't it?

We’re so excited to meet all our new students, however, every year some unofficial events start popping up over the summer on social media, claiming to be the only ‘official’ Freshers events for CCCU students. This isn't the case. Click for official Freshers 2019 events.

Social media is a great way to meet new people and ask questions but it's easy to get fooled by the many groups and events out there promoting events and selling tickets and wristbands.

A lot of these pages and groups are created by external promoters and ARE NOT associated with CCCU, CCSU or Freshers Welcome Week 2019. Only join the official groups.

You could end up buying tickets at venues not associated with our actual events, or signing up to mailing lists for phishing scams and events that will never happen.

What makes our events official?

  • All our events and groups have our logo on them
  • All our events will have a designated location
  • The events will be created by our official profile - Christ Church Students' Union or Canterbury Christ Church University

What makes an event unofficial (fake)?

  • Panic - they will constantly make claims that they will sell out soon
  • No CCSU or CCCU branding
  • No specific location for the event, just 'Canterbury'.
  • Events changing name
  • Generic photos of 'students' or 'clubs'
  • Event owner will be a generic name such as 'Canterbury Students', 'Student Events', 'UK Freshers' etc.

Of course you can attend any events you want to, and don't have to only attend our events but we only work with venues and partners who have excellent reputations for safety, security and have ethical and responsible cultures. You can trust that all our events have students at the heart of them and our main priority is to welcome you all the University.

Click for official Freshers 2019 events and for more links to official social media profiles visit

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