Coming to University isn’t just about getting qualifications, it’s about having fun, and Societies are a great way to do this.

The easiest way to make friends and get involved at University is to have something in common, whether that’s musical taste, sharing a faith, a mutual love of art, or just a way of life... and that's where our societies come in.

What's on offer?

There really is something for everyone so get involved and check out our list of societies to see what's on offer.

Whilst the Union will try to engage, enable and encourage student activity, your experience is ultimately up to you, and so put in that effort to join a club or society. You could even up running it!

Nothing for you? Set up your own society.

You may not find a society that meets your needs, or the needs of your friends and if this is the case, why not form your own? It is best to start off with an informal chat with Beth Elwood, President (Development) who will be able to run you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Below are some factors that you will have to comply with before you can set your club/society up:

  1. Ensure there is no existing society that has the same aims as the one you want to set up. It must be distinct and truly 'new'.
  2. Fill out the society registration form with the names and contact details of five existing Christ Church students .
  3. You will then be contacted for an initial meeting to go through your aims and objectives for the year, to set a suitable membership fee, and go over the basics of day to day running of the society and answer any questions.

It may seem slightly daunting at first but if you have a genuine interest then it’s not that hard and we can help you along the way. Please come in for a chat to find out how we can help you.

Getting Social

Every Tuesday a different society will host Society Takeover at The Lounge bringing their own different take on the evening. It could be Karaoke, Games Night, Dinners, Charity Events, Themed Nights... our societies are so varied that no week is the same.

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