Exam Stress

Exams are Coming.. Deadlines are Coming.. Don't Panic

Coping with the stress of it all

Eating properly 3 times a day - give yourself some energy 

Get lots of sleep - at least 8 hours a night - even though that 1am GTA session is so tempting

Dont revise every minute of the day - your brain needs to rest too!

Fundamentals - Read the Procedures 

Sometimes the smallest thing can actually be quite a big no no in Exams - read up on the regulations if you are unsure of anything

Did you know that keeping your phone on your person is actually not allowed? - make sure you turn it OFF and hand it in or put it in a locker

Even pencil cases (clear or not) are not allowed

Check out the unversity guide to being prepared on the day

Wash your hands of it

Keep your hands bare of any writing - invigilators can be somewhat concerned when they see writing on people's hands. Best to leave your hands bare - even if it is a reminder to buy loo roll.

Check out the unviersity guide to managing your time once in the exam

Extenuating Circumstances

If you do find yourself struggling with an assignment or an examination coming up then make sure your tutors are aware of the issue. 

There is an Extenuating Circumstances form that can be filled out and returned to your tutor.

If you are self-certifying this circumstance it needs to be filled out no later than the day of the assessment due date or examination to be accepted.

Anything 7 days after this you must complete the form with evidence of your Extenuating Circumstance. 

If You're worried...

You can contact the Academic Learning Development team for tips or Student Wellbeing for support


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