Sexual Health
The Sexual Health Drop In Clinic is here!

Sexual Health Drop In Clinic is here! 

Whether you are in a monogomous relationship or a single pringle this clinic is here to support you!

(Sexually active students who have more than one partner are encouraged to be tested regularly

If you are in a long term relationship aim to be tested every 8-12 months)

It’s open every Wednesday 8am-11.30am in the Mother & Baby room in Laud (Lg03) on the North Holmes Road Campus

This service is open to ALL students across the University


Laud Building - Opposite our union wall on the left (Mother and baby room)

What services does this provide?

  • Confidential Screening Service of ALL STI's 
  • Emergency Contraception - This can be used up to 7 days after sexual intercourse
  • All types of contraception (accept the coil) - Condoms, The Pill, Implant, Injection, Mini Pill
  • Pregnancy advice
  • Referalls where needed

What do I do if I need support another day?

Club Chemstry

#1 Student Discount Card

The Lounge