Events in December

Forthcoming Events

Thu 7th December

Give It a Go: DIY Xmas Cards
1pm - 3pm
SU Building, Anselm, Canterbury
Society Takeover - 7 December 2023 - K-POP
7pm - 10pm
The Lounge, St' Georges Centre, Canterbury
Society Takeover the Lounge! A night where societies make the Lounge their own! Themed nights set by the hosts which are different each week!

Fri 8th December

The Live Lounge Sessions
8th December 8pm - 16th February 10pm
Live music with The Live Lounge Sessions.

Mon 11th December

Karaoke night at The Lounge
7pm - 10pm
Warm up your vocal chords and get ready to sing the night away!

Thu 14th December

Give It a Go: Craftivism
1pm - 4pm
SU Building, Anselm, Canterbury
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