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Join the CCCU Chargers on our "Comeback Season" as we move forward in sight of UniBall dominance. Let this new and exciting sport guide you through University as the greatest experience you'

Welcome to our Comeback Season. 

Join the CCCU Chargers as we search to regain UniBall Dominance in Division 2 of the South East BUCS University league. 

Whilst having an incredible year within the University and a tough time on the field, the Chargers look to reign champions this year, going undefeated and heading back up to the 1st Division. 

You could be part of this unique and passionate family who takes part in so much more than the nail-biting games we play on the field. Whilst staying socially and personally connected, we will use our chemistry to defeat anyone who stands in our way. 

This sport caters for all shapes, genders and sizes so don't miss out on a team that will guide you through the greatest university experience there is. 

There's a reason it's "The Fastest Growing Sport in the UK". 



Facebook link:

Instagram link:

Website link:


Committee Members:


President: William Golden 

Vice-President: Ben Rogers

Treasurer: Tom Athene

Media Officer: Fred Forster 

Wellbeing Officer: Daniel Rich

Kit & Game Day Official: Alex Peden 

Events officer: Mac Rees-Hinton

Social Secretaries: Dominic Pascal and Danny Delaney


Season/Training Days: 

Sunday: 3-5pm Location: Simon Langton (But may change) 

Tuesday: 7-8pm Location: Ramsay 

Thursday: 7-9pm Location: Simon Langton

Your Information

Thanks for your interest in this membership, we look forward to welcoming you soon.  

So you can enjoy the full benefits of membership your name, university username, email, and membership status may be shared with the elected committee of this group, the University, and any relevant or affiliated parties such as British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS), other national governing bodies, and Distinctive Bars.  This is to ensure an excellent experience and fulfil our contractual obligations as part of this purchase.

By continuing with this membership purchase you agree to Christ Church Students’ Union sharing your data in this way.  If you have questions on how your data will be used, see our Data Protection information.

Medical Disclaimer

Through purchasing your membership you confirm that you have no pre-existing medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that will prevent you from fully participating in the outlined physical activity. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, illnesses or injuries you will notify the Opportunities Manager prior to purchasing the membership.

You will also seek medical advice to ensure that it is safe for you to participate, the outcome of which you will feed back to the Opportunities Manager. This will not only ensure that it is safe for you to participate in the activity but will also ensure that you will be covered by the Students’ Union insurance. Should your circumstances change during the course of the academic year, following the purchase of your membership, you will inform the Opportunities Manager immediately.

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