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Advertise to 17,000 students at Christ Church!

Christ Church Students’ Union is located in the centre of Canterbury, meaning it's perfect for students to experience the benefits of the city - everything from local business, transport and activities.

As a registered charity, we exist to support our 16,000 members in any way we can. We’re proud to be a member-led organisation, with students at the heart of everything we do.

For all marketing sales please contact Chi Lau, Head of Business & Development, on or 07900 195556.

Why advertise with us?

With our expertise and strong student relationships, we are able to offer packages that best suit your organisation, and can help you choose the best ways to advertise to a vast student market.

Please read on to find out how we can work together.

Freshers' Fayre

Freshers' Fayre

On Campus Promotion

On campus promotion

Digital Screens

Digital Signage


Freshers Fair is one of the most important dates in the student calendar. It is an opportunity to engage with the 6,000 students that attend, both those starting their time at university and those returning after the summer break.

Premium Package £1,250
A double stall in a high footfall location with up to 4 access passes + 3 Freshers social media posts.

Gold Package £750
A single stall space with 2 access passes + 3 Freshers social media posts.

Silver Package £500
A single stall space including 2 access passes.

On Campus

Sampling from £100, over 1,000 footfall

Everyone loves a freebie! For brands, this is the perfect way to get someone to fall in love your product. Get these products in the hands of our students through on campus promotion.

On campus stall from £100

Take the opportunity to engage and interact with our students, face-to-face on campus, with your staff promoting your brand, gathering data, and handing out samples and flyers.

Sponsorship, 40 sports clubs & 76 societies

Raise your company profile and boost your PR by sponsoring an active sports club, society, or one of our annual events. These include Varsity, Student Community Awards, Sports Federation Dinner, and are a fantastic way to expose your brand to the student market.


Website, £150 per month, up to 25,000 visits per month

Online advertising provides an easy, accessible way to raise student interest. Our website is the first point of call for all information, putting your brand directly in front of our users, and your potential customers.

Social media, £30 per post, 19,000 users

Social media plays an important part in everyday student life. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are regularly updated, and high student interaction will allow you the potential to get key messages seen by over 19,000 users.

Digital screens, £150 per month / £250 per term

Digital adverts are perhaps the most direct way to get your brand messages in the faces of our students. We have 9 digital screens in areas of high student footfall, including the Students’ Union Reception and the Lounge Kitchen and Bar, for you to use to promote offers, events, and brand awareness.

Newsletter, £200

Newsletters are sent directly into the mailboxes of students throughout the academic year, especially at key times. We have over 5,000 subscribers, with an average open rate of 20%. This is a great way of getting your logo and messages seen by the CCSU student population.

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