About Us


Treasure House Society is a faith based society with a primary aim to bring out the best in students. We have taken time to speak with a great number of our colleagues and have established a real need for this society and the services we offer. There are many non-academic and even academic challenges students are dealing with that are stressing them out. This has resulted in students underperforming at the lowest level. Many students have thus indicated that they will greatly benefit from a faith-based, relaxing and supportive platform such as the Treasure House Society.

We believe that students are filled with an abundance of gifts and abilities implanted on their inside. We are passionate about supporting everyone to unlock these great potentials. The Treasure House Society aims to raise people of character, academic excellence and confidence to take responsibility of their lives. This noble objective will give a new definition to the way most students are perceived both by themselves and outsiders. It will result in the emergence of well-polished and vibrant individuals of relevance with a sense of direction to live a maximised life and be of use for the betterment of others in the world. It is about giving and widening opportunities and options for students to participate in extracurricular activities that will add great values to their lives.



To support students to reach their maximum potentials through faith- based capacity building. We hope to support students to reduce phobia for failure and live such virtuous lives that will benefit themselves and the society.



In fulfilling this vision the Treasure House Society aims to undertake the following objectives:


1. Supporting the students to bring out the treasures in them


2. Creating a platform for social interaction, networking and integration among students from various backgrounds.


3. Helping to meet the faith-based and spiritual needs of students


4. Promoting the Christian values of love and altruism as some of the key ways of making the world a better place


5. Motivating students towards self-efficacy and resilience in their academic pursuit


6. Promoting charity causes within the university


7. Giving the students the opportunity to relax, reduce stress and rejuvenate




1. Interactive sessions and short seminars that will result in a lasting change in their lives.

2. Using the bible based principles as a tool to encourage and motivate students to achieve their desired change or results in our meetings.


3. Providing focus group discussion sessions on problem solving.


4. Welcoming and supporting new students to settle in for their studies and knowing their way in the new environment


5. Mentoring students to provide support and encouragement in order to improve and maximise potentials.


6. Carrying out charitable activities after such have been approved by the University.


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Medical Disclaimer

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Once you have shared this information, we will ask you to gather medical evidence showing that doctors have signed you off and have given you the go ahead to participate. It helps us work with our insurance provider to ensure we are all covered and of staff to make sure your needs are met. If you need support in gathering the medical evidence, then a member of staff can contact you, once you have completed the form.

Any information you give us will only be shared with Christ Church Sport, Christ Church Students’ Union, and the president of your committee. This helps ensure your safety and risk assessments to mitigate any issues.