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Welcome to Canterbury Christ Church University! This is the ACS CCCU and we will be telling you what we are about and what our society is about! Our aim is to have a society, African Caribbean Society (ACS) dedicated to encouraging and embracing African/Caribbean culture within CCCU. 

Our society aims to promote diversity on campus and to facilitate a forum for education about African and Caribbean cultures, through social events we’ll be planning throughout the year. We strive to make a great place that is enjoyable and safe and that is inclusive of all the beautiful cultures that make up our society.
We want to create a community that’s are able to come together, meet new people and have fun embracing the ACS culture. The goal would be to having weekly group meetings with our members. As well as weekly meetings, we as an African Caribbean Society would plan occasional socials and events for members in the ACS.

The committee members are listed as follows:
President: Jojo Bidemi, Vice President: Naomi Eferetin, Treasurer: Larry Dagadu, Inclusion Officers: Vivienne Phiri, Zí Parchment and Social media officer: Winnie Eferetin





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