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National Student Fundraising Conference 2019


National Fundraising Conference facilitated by National Student Fundraising Association (NaSFA)

Fundraising has many uses and most people have entered into it in some form or another throughout their lives. As a means to raise money for charity, however, us as students are in a unique position! By completing and competing in challenges, we can not only help build our self confidence and do things we never dreamed of BUT we can help people in the process.


The National Student Fundraising Association, started in 2011, is a group of dedicated and passionate students from around the country who come together to help RaGs’ up and down the UK.

First thing’s first, what is a RaG?

RaG stands for Raise and Give and is a collective term for a group of student fundraisers who operate within a University.The history of RaG societies stretch back 100s of years when students would collect old clothes to give to those in need. Over the years RaGs have built a reputation for being "troublemakers" and even criminals ( However as the student movement took a more professional route, so did RaGs.


In the present day, university RaG groups, whatever form they may take, are a force for doing good, helping students volunteer for good causes and raising a shed load of money! Christ Church RaG used to be run like a regular society with a committee including a President and Treasurer etc. However, when committee members graduated in 2018, RaG fell apart..


What was this conference about?


Every year the Students’ Union sends a representative to the conference in order to network with other RaGs and sources charities to work with- basically to get ideas. This year was perhaps the most important yet as I needed to come away with a solid idea of what RaG would look like at Christ Church in the coming year and how on earth I was going to help build something that we could be proud of.

(FYI- The rain really ruined my look that day)

I made it my business to tell everyone who would listen that we needed support- and it came flooding in! We have been offered advice and resources by several HUGE universities in order to get our RaG off to a flying start.

Meeting with charities and companies who have aided university students run successful challenges and events for years, I gleaned invaluable knowledge and advice to take home with me, not to mention some excellent personal contacts who will be at the end of (countless) emails from me in the coming year.

Toward the end of the conference, I was starting to really gauge an idea of what our RaG could and would look like. Something strong, meaningful and more than that- impactful! 


So what's next?


Now, we need YOU as student leaders to RALLY


In order to start as we mean to go on, in a powerful and democratic way, we need to elect a Chair of the new committee and for the Part time RaG officer on Union Council.

Could this be you? Do you want to help people? Raise money? Make a difference? Inspire others and have an incredible adventure too?

The RaG Chair is an incredible opportunity full of fun and an experience that could change your life.

Get in touch if this sound like it could be for you! No experience necessary, just the willingness to change people's lives.

We also need a committee made up of passionate and dedicated individuals. Do you want to help but don't want the responsibility of Chair?


Email me: for more information or to register your interest.


Let's get RaG off the ground and really make a difference! 



Nina;Nina Dunne
9:47pm on 14 Oct 19 It's great to see the work you're doing with Community Impact Forum and relaunching the RaG society (as well as all the other activities you're involved with). I look forward to working with you in the future.
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